Identify your needs and meet the best candidate from Nepal

Nepalance presents alternatives to improve the outdated recruiting model. If you are searching for the best candidate to work with you and do not want to take up that burden of going through each one of those tedious applications, we are here to do the task for you. You can find all of them here within Nepalance’s network, where we will link every deserving applicant that fits your requirements, and you can interview or have a word with them without any delay.

We have maintained the standard at every journey, from selecting the best applicants to linking them to your dashboard following your requirements. So you can trust with the recruiting process. All the candidates linked to the candidate seekers are qualified by our professional recruiters’ team and are the finest candidates, just as you need for your business.


Register Client Account

Create a client account using Nepalance.com. In your dashboard, you will need to add jobs with job descriptions, skills and experiences required for the job. After this, our system will analyze the requirements of the job and match with the candidates profiles.

Get Matched Notification

When your requirements get matched with the candidates profiles, the candidates with the highest percentage matching are sent further for the shortlisting process. You will be notified about the sufficient candidate for a particular job that is found with our system to process job applications. If we do not have sufficient available candidates for the job, we advertise the job to get more attention from candidates and find more candidates to process.

Job processing

After receiving information about the matching, you will have to pay a certain service charge for further processing. Pricing will be around 10% total recruitment fee, you can check it on the invoice section of a particular job. We usually send the first invoice when we have enough candidates.

The highest percentage of matched candidates are sent for screening, shortlisting and are interviewed by our recruiters. In this process the system informs you that we are shortlisting, interviewing and selecting the right candidates for a particular job. You can have the interviewed report from recruiters after the selected candidate.

During this stage, Job-specific chat with the nepalance team will be enabled for communication.

Meet Candidate

After a thorough selection process, the selected candidate details are sent to your dashboard so you can set up a meeting with the selected candidate as per availability, and ensure everything is perfect, and compare your needs. If the final candidate is not satisfactory you can reject that candidate from the dashboard with feedback, our hiring manager adds the next candidate for the same.

Sign agreement with Candidate

Finally, you can sign the employment contract agreements with candidates directly with the law of land as agreed upon for all the employee benefits and remunerations.

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