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With Nepalance you will

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Find the best candidate.

It makes no sense for firms to hire only workers who live within commuting distance of the office now that most jobs can be done on virtual platforms. Nepalance specializes in assisting businesses by removing unnecessary geographic constraints, allowing them to recruit the most refined individuals from Nepal in remote positions as well as onsite placement.

Save your valuable time.

We receive numerous applications, but not everyone gets in. Applicants have to go through numerous processes, from screening and shortlisting to interviewing and getting linked in your dashboard only after they qualify our recruiting standards. As a result, our clients can hire the best candidate with a quarter of the time and effort.

Be Picky

The best person for the job is the one you want to hire. As part of our shortlisting process, we screen candidates from every field with the respective field experts, interview them, and finally do the job. The best candidates are then given a work project that is tailored to the position. All the jobs are done at Nepalance. The only final task left for you is to hire them.

Balance your team.

Nepalance mandates all clients to assign a monetary value to each available position and pay that amount to the best candidate, regardless of location. Because pay is based exclusively on the predetermined value, a role will be provided to your firm, correcting systemic prejudice.

Level Up Your Success

Nowadays, job seekers prefer working from their preferred location. Not only that, but firms have also started establishing remote-based virtual offices to minimize extra bills and overhead costs and save a considerable amount of money, which they have utilized to achieve their goals. This way, you can find the best remote working candidate through Nepalance for your company and level up your success.

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Benefits of Virtual Office/coworking space

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Virtual offices allow workers to work wherever they choose when a firm wants flexible working hours. Not only do virtual offices eliminate commute time, low to no technology costs, and less overhead expenses, but they also increase productivity, and reduce turnover.

As the number of remote employees rises, professionals in virtually every industry are searching for more flexible workplace options. Many small businesses don't see the need to sign a pricey lease for office space when they can collaborate virtually.

You can set up a virtual office with a low budget. It is an efficient alternative for businesses that want the benefits of a professional environment without having to open an actual location. In addition, virtual offices allow workers to work whenever and from wherever they choose when a firm wants flexible working hours.

Here are some notable reasons why you need  a virtual office:

  1. First, there is no need to commute.

Remember how it took you almost two hours to get to work because of traffic? That's a lot of lost productivity time; You could be doing something else while working from home. Instead, you will save time commuting with virtual offices, allowing you to devote more time to paperwork.

  1. Saves money on overhead costs.

In addition to not having to pay for an expensive office lease, you will be able to save money on other expenses. Parking fees, petrol, rent, and even public transportation will 

no longer be necessary. Costs such as office supplies, equipment, and clothing will also be deducted from your monthly overhead.

  1. Access to a global talent pool.

Do you have a customer in Hong Kong and require someone to visit once a week? If you have a virtual office, this isn't an issue. For example, an Asia-based company can have its client in Paris and work by hiring employees of Paris who can work from home. 

  1. Motivated employees

Workload management is more flexible with virtual offices. Employees can better manage their workload by distributing their services throughout the day rather than devoting too much time to a single task. As a result, more qualified and productive employees are available and can consistently meet deadlines. When employees are given the ability to create their plans, the incentive increases. You no longer work because you "have to," but because you're invested in completing a task. This could have a significant impact on the outcome. You can see your work and your boss.

  1. Increase Business Authority

One of the best advantages of virtual offices for startups is having multiple locations across the country or even internationally. As a result, it boosts your credibility and authority in the eyes of your clients.

A virtual office makes it possible for you to have the physical appearance of an office without having to rent or buy office space. It is cost-effective and saves you time on your commute. Virtual office space also provides you with the benefits of a physical office, such as a business address, company board, registration documentation, permission to opt-in for government registrations, licenses, and the ability to open a current account at the address, mail collection, and forwarding services, meeting room, and so on. A virtual office's onboarding process is very smooth.

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