With Nepalance you will

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Find the best candidate.

It makes no sense for firms to hire only workers who live within commuting distance of the office now that most jobs can be done on virtual platforms. Nepalance specializes in assisting businesses by removing unnecessary geographic constraints, allowing them to recruit the most refined individuals from Nepal in remote positions as well as onsite placement.

Save your valuable time.

We receive numerous applications, but not everyone gets in. Applicants have to go through numerous processes, from screening and shortlisting to interviewing and getting linked in your dashboard only after they qualify our recruiting standards. As a result, our clients can hire the best candidate with a quarter of the time and effort.

Be Picky

The best person for the job is the one you want to hire. As part of our shortlisting process, we screen candidates from every field with the respective field experts, interview them, and finally do the job. The best candidates are then given a work project that is tailored to the position. All the jobs are done at Nepalance. The only final task left for you is to hire them.

Balance your team.

Nepalance mandates all clients to assign a monetary value to each available position and pay that amount to the best candidate, regardless of location. Because pay is based exclusively on the predetermined value, a role will be provided to your firm, correcting systemic prejudice.

Level Up Your Success

Nowadays, job seekers prefer working from their preferred location. Not only that, but firms have also started establishing remote-based virtual offices to minimize extra bills and overhead costs and save a considerable amount of money, which they have utilized to achieve their goals. This way, you can find the best remote working candidate through Nepalance for your company and level up your success.